I find it scarey to see our President using the power of his office to punish his percieved political enemies. Recently the 4 space shuttles were donated to applicants around the country. It is not believable that Houston Texas would not be one of them given its history with the space program. Unless you factor in Obama’s thin skin, and his immature need to lash out. Also last week it was somewhat ironic that Texas was denied federal disaster relief by the same president who granted it to Mexico?!. Barry needs to understand that he is the president of the whole country. Not just Chicago, New york and L.A. Not just african americans, latinos and gays. Not just union thugs and municipal workers. It seems that maybe being brought up in a disfunctional single and sometime absentee parent household has caused alot of resentment and insecurity in our manchild president. I hope he matures into the position quickly. Nothing in his flimsy non existent resume gives me much hope.

It seems to me that one thing Barak Obama struggles with is being a classy leader. He is poised waiting to be offended at the smallest criticism. While dishing out cheap immature partisan jabs on a daily basis. It seems to me that his sensitivity may have grown out of his insecurity. If he is even close to being as intelligent as the media claims he would then know full well that he is unqualified for the job he now holds. When confronted with the evidence of the weaknesses he posesses his reaction is to mock or ridicule his critic. His behavior as POTUS is disgraceful.


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